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5 Great Lead Capture Ideas for Small Business Websites

Generating a steady stream of high-value leads is the holy grail for all businesses. Utilise any of these 5 lead capture ideas for small business website to get started!
12 Lead Capture Ideas

5 Lead Capture Ideas for Small Businesses

Generating a steady stream of high-value leads is the holy grail for all businesses, both big and small. But how do you make that happen? What is needed to attract them and then engage with your website readers?

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just throwing a ‘click here’ on your home page and watch the leads come pouring into your business.

In this blog post, we will look into some of the more creative and strategic offers you can provide your visitors so that they engage with your business and become a lead in your sales funnel.

You need to get above all the noise.

With lot’s of options and choices for visitors on the internet to find what they are looking for without engaging with your website. In order to gain their attention, you need to develop a more nurturing approach.

First things first – do you know the answers to these questions? Who is your ideal lead? What are they searching for? How can you help solve their problems?

Once you have identified who you are reaching out to, and how you can help them, you will be able to put together a series of offers to draw in leads to your business.

In this post, we are assuming you have already gone through the process of developing your personas and need help finding more creative ways of reaching out to them. If you need help with your personas, feel free to reach out to us to discuss your business.

Now let’s dig in. Here are 5 creative ways to develop lead-generating content for your website.

Let’s Dive In! Ideas to Boost Leads

Suggest a Deep-Dive Answer for a Difficult Question

On the internet, you can find an answer to any problem you may have. But, there are a lot of solutions to almost all issues. Writing a quick 300-word blog about a topic and only scratching the surface will not leave the reader with a sense of understanding.

Taking the time to write an in-depth, step-by-step article on a subject is not only a great way to nurture your leads, but it also demonstrates your position as an expert on the topic.

So how long is an in-depth article you may ask? Start at 1,000 words. The best way to go about it is to write anything more than your competitors have written. This is called the sky-scraper method.

But how can I write so many words? Here is a great way to break down your article into sections to help you put it together:

• The Promise
• The Problem
• Mythbusting
• The Method
• Do’s and Don’ts
• Next Steps

If you use the sections above to build out your articles, you will be able to write a 1,000 + words in no time.

Oh, and don’t forget to add a link to your service or product in the next steps section to have readers engage with your website and business.

Create a List of Helpful and Useful Tools

It is tempting to always only chat about the great services and tools your business provides. But taking the time to talk about other tools your visitors may be using is a great way to show that you prioritise their success over your bragging rights.

Compile a list of useful tools your visitors could use to help solve their problems. Some may already know, and some they may not.

By providing valuable guidance will ensure that prospects will see your business as a thought leader in your niche.

But that being said, also don’t forget to add a link to a similar service or product you may have or a spreadsheet or checklist that will assist in their research and problem-solving.

Make Help Videos to Solve an Issue for Prospects

These days, most of us will look for a video over a blog post to help solve a problem. Creating an entertaining and easily digestible video is a sure win to engage with your audience.

You can have videos free to watch, or only viewed after a visitor has provided their contact details.

Create a Helpful Spreadsheet or Document

Offering a helpful document or spreadsheet that assists with visitors research and problem-solving is a great way to obtain lead information through a download form.

An example is a simple document like our Smart Goal Template. This is a great way to help visitors take action after reading a blog or watching a video.

Make a Checklist

Just like a spreadsheet or document, a checklist is a great way to help visitors take what they learnt on your blog or video with them and put it into practice. In turn, connecting their ongoing experience with your business.

It could be as simple as a to-do list that assists with their daily routines to a complex list that details how to go about a more problematic issue.

Either way, the checklist should require the visitor’s information so that you can further assist them along their journey.

Conclusion – Build Content and Earn Trust

Creating offers and helpful content that provides value to your readers is the essential ingredient for lead capture. It gives you the ability to engage with them and turn them into a lead.

Take the time to build out your content, don’t cut corners.

Great content and offers draw attention to your website and in turn your business.

The rule to follow is: answer your visitor’s questions, help solve their problems, and in turn, you will win their hearts.

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About the Author

Damien Kloot

Damien is the director of We Build Ideas. He’s been within the web design and digital marketing industry for over 15 years and is an expert in online growth. Damien has worked with brands and businesses both globally and locally, including Billabong, Element and Usher Group, to name a few.

You can connect with Damien on LinkedIn here.

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