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Surfing Games

Website Brief

Billabong Japan has held it’s annual Surfing Games since 2006 with events held all over Japan. In 2009, Billabong required a site that would serve as a hub for photos, videos, results and news. With the influx of social media in 2010, a new strategy was needed to fulfil the brand-new marketing approach that would also support the website.

How We Approached the Project

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The Billabong Surfing Games series is an amateur surfing contest that attracts surfers of all ages. From young kids to elderly surfers. Rain, hail or shine – everyone’s on the beach to cheer friends and family as they compete. With such a diverse demographic, it meant a comprehensive approach to taking the event to market.

The event website was launched before websites were responsive. Over time as more and more users switched to smartphones, it became the highest priority for the site to become mobile friendly. After the redesign, the site found a large spike in views thanks to the mobile first approach.

The website grid is one that’s been proven time and time for event’s of this type. It features a simple interface and an easy to use user experience.

A content-first approach to the website has always been the first and foremost. With a vast amount of excellent content coming from each event. This lead to multiple possibilities for long-tail SEO opportunities.

Social media became the driving force for traffic to the website. Real-time posts from the event, as well as post-event news, meant a large number of visits from social to the site.

Overall the website is clean and user-friendly. It was launched in a period when print media was still the first to report event news. At the time it was at the forefront of digital media, and to this day provides a chronological timeline of past and present events.

Key Strategic Points

  • Create an online presence for events spread across Japan
  • Mobile friendly experience so visitors of all ages
  • Social-driven content, that was also shareable via the website
  • Optimise for regional SEO

Required We Build Ideas Solutions

mobile phone case study background
Surfing Games Mobile Website Case Study

Completed Project Results

The Billabong Surfing Games in Japan attracts a phenomenal amount of online love. From record website hits to an increasing number of likes on social media each year, its target audience engages with and embraces all events via the online content.

I have worked with We Build Ideas for the past eight years on various types of projects from large events to product promotions. Damien and his team have always come to the table with fresh ideas, seeing each project through from conceptualisation to results analysis. We highly recommend with We Build Ideas!
Kenji Kojima, Marketing Manager, Billabong Japan

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