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Project Description

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Circus in Education Website Case Study

Circus in Education

The brief

Circus in Education came to We Build Ideas to create a brand for their new business which was entertaining and easily linked to learning. An online presence was built around its new positioning including a WordPress website to allow for frequent blogging and the ability to update event details.

Our approach

We started the project by researching other competitors in the school incursion and circus industries to see how they were positioned and what worked for them to find opportunities we could pursue to get the best results.

Following our research, we developed a keyword strategy. This was supported by building a silo architecture sitemap structure to ensure the best on-page SEO framework.

Based on the brief, a logo was created to instantly connect both education and circus. Chalkboard art was the centre of the logo theme, and from that grew the branding.

The website was designed and built to reflect Circus in Education’s fun and entertaining principles. Large imagery, with bold fun fonts, encourages visitors on the site to browse the content, while the blog keeps them engaged.

The design features parallax scrolling, which adds an element of wonder and surprise, relating to the circus theme.

The site features an events calendar. It is quickly updated by the client to keep the list of upcoming shows up to date. This ensures that return visits to the site, and a constant flow of new leads.

Overall the website is fun, mobile responsive and user-friendly.

Key strategic points
  • Branding and positioning for the new business
  • Event calendar integration for client to update regularly
  • Mobile friendly website to showcase services, events and blogs
  • Create new silo architecture sitemap for optimum on-page SEO
  • Optimise for local and regional SEO
Services required
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Circus in Education Mobile Website Case Study

The result

Since the launch of the brand and website, Circus in Education has grown into the one of the most popular school incursion providers. With more shows planned, and bookings filling up the business continues to rely on its online presence to drive business growth.

Over the past two years, We Build Ideas has supported our start-up to create a strong online presence, a branded marketing package and social media strategies to expand the business. We owe the continuing success of our company, in no small part, to the support that We Build Ideas has provided.
Jacqui Levi, Director, Circus in Education

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