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SEO Gold Coast

We Build Ideas delivers Gold Coast SEO solutions that ensure longevity at the top of results. Meaning you have the best chance of success for your business online.

SEO is not a set and forget task. It takes continuous measuring and tweaking to improve and retain rankings. Our packages guarantee your business has a consistent winning edge.

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Transparent Reporting

Gold Coast SEO Solutions – Strategies That Build Online Success

Ranking high in search engines such as Google is the cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy.

Effective optimisation builds visitor numbers to your website – Resulting in improved business visibility, new leads and therefore, success.

Ranking in 1st place in Google will win you around 32% of traffic for that keyword – that’s a big chunk of the pie. 2nd around 15% and 3rd around 10%. Anything after 6th position on page one and you will see a dramatic decline in click-throughs and any results for after page one and you begin to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

To get you to number 1 in search results, we offer two parts to our search engine optimisation services;

1. Our search engine optimisation audit
2. Strategy and our search engine optimisation retainer, including our marketing dashboard for transparent reporting.

Think of the Search Engine Optimisation audit and strategy as a roadmap then the Search Engine Optimisation retainer is where we start to drive. Like all road trips, despite the best-laid plans you sometimes have to reassess your route and make adjustments.

Through a Search Engine Optimisation retainer, we will execute your strategy and continue to refine as needed as we move forward. With a retainer, we’ll stay on top of how your competitors are performing compared to your rankings. From there, make any necessary technical and content changes to your website that will help improve your position.

Google changes it’s ranking algorithm regularly, so we keep on top of what’s new. The retainer allows us the time to periodically review your website to ensure none of Google’s changes will impact your rankings. If it does, refine the approach as needed.

It might all sound complicated, but this is where We Build Ideas comes to bat.

We will get you on the top of rankings with less pain and more gain, meaning your business has only the best chance of success online.

Search Engine Optimisation’s Most Frequently Asked Question.

  • How long will it take to rank in Google?

It all depends on the competition for each particular keyword. The key to success is ranking for a keyword with a high search volume – this means guaranteed traffic to your website. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. A general rule of thumb for a high volume keyword is:

  • Google Page 1: within 6-8 months

  • Google Positions 1-3: 8-12 months

What’s Included in an SEO Audit & Strategy?

  • Configure the necessary crawling tools and start collecting data linked with your site to learn where you currently rank and areas of opportunity.

  • Auditing Accessibility looks at how search engines are currently able to access your website.

  • Auditing Indexability will determine that search engines can access your pages; next, we want to make sure they’re indexing them (including them in results).

  • On-page ranking factors which factor your site influence in rankings.

  • Off-page ranking factors are critical to analyse the backlink profile of your site and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Competitive Analysis of your top competitors in all of the ways listed above, and compile the data down into actionable items.

What’s Included in a We Build Ideas SEO Retainer?

Based on the audit and strategy as well as your feedback, we execute the necessary steps we have outlaid for your business, including:

  • Setting up tools, including your marketing dashboard, as well as your project in SEMrush to refine both on-page and off-page strategies.

  • We’ll perform any necessary changes to your website. These may include items like content edits, editing the title and meta descriptions, updating your robots.txt and XML sitemap, using 301 redirects, and addressing usability tweaks to the design.

  • Link building – The goal is to get high quality vs high volume links as Google penalises sites that have too many low-quality links.

  • Continuous measurement, optimisation and Competitive Analysis to deliver consistent high rankings for your business.

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SEO Case Study - Generate

Search Engine Optimisation Case Study

Generate Japan

Generate Japan is for characters who have great taste product design. On this site, you will find individual, modern objects that fit somewhere within breakfast and bedtime. Every particular piece of furniture or lifestyle product was hand selected by their team. Generate’s goal is to find products that will amaze and delight you and feature some items that only a few are made.

Generate has been working with We Build Ideas for 18 months now, and we are online presence continues to grow – thanks We Build Ideas!
Ronnie Kattan, Director, Generate Design Japan

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