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Our Most Common Frequently Asked Questions

We Build Ideas has been building online experiences since 2005, and in that time have gained a large amount of experience and knowledge in the field. We’ve crafted this FAQ page to answer our most common frequently asked questions.

Have a question that we haven’t answered here? Contact us today – we’ll be happy to help.

Never fear, that’s why we are here. You can learn about our time-proven process in our why choose us proven methods section on our home page.

The cost of a website can range depending on several factors, just like the cost of a car or house may differ. Our website projects usually start in the $1,500 range for a simple business site and range upwards depending on your business’s unique needs.

The time it takes to build a website depends on the size and complexity of your website. A basic website typically takes around 4 weeks from beginning to end. But this can vary depending on whether you have content ready for each milestone along the way.

Definitely. All the websites we build are responsive and work on all devices including mobiles and tablets.

Yes. We specialise in WordPress. In fact, it is the only CMS we offer.

A Content Management System is a tool that enables you to maintain the pages of your website, without the need for any technical skills or programs. A CMS allows you to edit and add pages, images, products and blog entries for your site. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Yes, we provide all our clients with training on maintaining their website using your CMS. We also go the extra mile, by adding personalised how-to videos to your WordPress admin. That way, you can refer to the training at any time – 24/7.

Yes, we do. We provide 4 levels of ongoing website care plans to ensure your website is always running smoothly. Learn more about our website maintenance & support here.

No, we don’t write your content, however, if you need help with this we can put you in touch with a copywriter who specialises in writing for the websites.

Yes, you do. We can help you get this set up. Although we are not a web hosting company we can help set up your domain with your preferred provider.

A domain name is your address on the internet. Typically this would be something like yourawesomecompany.com.au

Website hosting is a service that enables your website to be viewed on the internet. It’s basically a computer housed in a data centre that runs your website and or email.