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Free Image Resizer – 5 Tools to Resize Photos Online

In our many years of experience, one of the most asked questions is how to resize photos. Then the next question is usually, and how we do it for free? This blog will review five free online tools to resize images easily.
Free Image Resizer - 5 Tools to Resize Photos Online Easily

The Search for a Free Online Image Resizer 

Resizing your images is essential. Not only are there different sizes required for your social posts, profile pics or even blog posts. Reducing the file size for images that go onto your website is key to keeping your pages on your website fast. Large unoptimised photos are generally the main culprit to a slow loading site.

By the end of this article, we intend to empower you with the capability to resize photos online without losing quality.

Let’s dive in.


Image Resizing – A Quick Look at Paid Options

Before discussing the free options, we want to start by saying that we use Adobe Photoshop to crop and resize images here at We Build Ideas. It’s a powerful tool, and we use it daily in our web design process. 

If you do have the budget to pay for an Adobe subscription, and you will be resizing images regularly, then we do recommend it. 

Alternatively, Affinity Photo is another excellent paid choice with a one-time payment option when writing this article.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s look at the free options.


Free Online Image Resizer Tools

With the tools we list below, you won’t need graphic design experience to use them. What is great about them is adjusting image dimensions, and reducing the file size is a breeze with these tools.


1 – Be Funky


Best All-Rounder

BeFunky is a great free image resizing tool. You can resize your photo by width or height or by a percentage scale.

Say you want your image to be 800 pixels wide, type in 800 into the width field and Be Funky will automatically set the appropriate height.

Pros: Easy to use and you can optimise the file size on save.

Cons: No draggable cropping tool.


2 – Birme


Easiest to Use

B.I.R.M.E. is a synonym for “Batch Image Resizing Made Easy.” 

Birme has an excellent bulk image resizer which we find easy to use and can be a time saver. 

While resizing your image, you can preview the changes in real-time, which allows you to see the results before you hit save.

Pros: Super simple to use with the capability of batch editing images. We also like the fact you can save images optimised in various formats, including webp.

Cons: No draggable cropping tool.


3 – Landscape


Best for Social Images

Landscape is an image resizer tool by Sprout Social that is ideal for your social media images. It enables you to resize any image for any social media platform. 

It also gives you the ability for cropping a custom size image for your website or blog.

Pros: Great option to edit your social content.

Cons: Missing the capability to optimise images on save, which is not optimal for your website’s performance.


4 – Shopify Image Resizer


Best for Product Images

Shopify has many free tools, and its online image resizer tool is an excellent tool from the platform. If you want to resize your product images for your eCommerce store, use Shopify’s resizer tool as it keeps things clean.

You can resize up to 6 images at a time. If you have an online store, you’ll love this free tool.

Pros: Can resize up to 6 images at a time.

Cons: Limited sizes available when cropping. Great for product images, but limited for other types of images.


5 – Photoshop Express Online


Best for Professional Results

A great free option to resize and optimise your images. It has editing capabilities as well. If you would like to add artist effects or remove the background, you will need to sign up for a subscription – but we are here to resize images, so this is a great option.

Pros: Gives you the ability to crop images, resize them and also allows you to reduce the file size on save, which is a great feature. It also gives you the capability to retouch and edit photos, which is a great feature! 

Cons: It will ask to sign in or sign up after a certain amount of downloads.


Wrapping Up: The Importance of Using a Photo Resizing Tool

While it’s easily overlooked, ensuring an image is the right size and quality is essential in building your website and online presence. 

Good quality photos create a positive impression of your business. In some cases, images can be the difference between a new customer and someone who immediately leaves your website.

Armed with the resize photos online tools listed here, you will be able to control your image dimensions and in turn, ensure the images are of the best quality and the optimal size.



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About the Author

Damien Kloot

Damien is the director of We Build Ideas. He’s been within the web design and digital marketing industry for over 15 years and is an expert in online growth. Damien has worked with brands and businesses both globally and locally, including Billabong, Element and Usher Group, to name a few.

You can connect with Damien on LinkedIn here.

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