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What is Growth-Driven Design?

Growth-Driven Design website design methodology that eliminates the trials and errors of a traditional website design. The smart technology guides data-driven decisions for optimal results and improved ROI.

  • Strategic – Meticulously planned step by step builds
  • Efficient – Rapid launches compared with standard redesigns
  • Savings – All costs up front with no unexpected or hidden charges

The new playbook: Growth-Driven Design

The new standard in website design.

Growth-Driven Design is the modern standard for delivering thriving websites. Redesigns for old clunky websites create improved and measurable business value.

Growth-Driven Design methodology has three major steps:

  • Strategy

The process starts by setting SMART goals. Achieving those goals requires an understanding of user behaviours, appropriate design parameters and connecting with your customers. Equipped with an empathetic understanding of your audience needs, your website is designed to make the buying journey persuasive, professional and fast. Rapidly progress towards desired results with clear objectives from the start.

  • The launch pad

Your Launch Pad website serves as the foundation platform for future strategies and optimisations. Starting from scratch or re-building your out-dated website, the Launch Pad provides the foundation framework on which to build and optimise content using data-driven decisions. Your Launch Pad can be up and running, attracting new clients and reviving interest with old users, in as little time as 2 months!

  • Continuous improvement

Once your Launch Pad website is online and collecting user data, the process of identifying target actions begins. From this stage in your website development, your online presence and business grows to reach full potential. Analysing user behaviour and developing data-driven optimisations produce high performing sites. The time invested in crunching the data in a Growth-Driven Design, where strategies are refined to deliver results based on defined goals, perform far better than traditional ‘launch it & leave it’ websites.

Why we offer Growth-Driven Design

We Build Ideas believe that your website is your key marketing asset. It needs to engage and inspire your buyers along their journey, with the inherent ability to scale with the growth of your business. Growth-Driven Design is the ultimate platform to ensure goal orientated ROIs that underpin healthy profit margins.

I have worked with We Build Ideas for the past eight years on various types of projects from large events to product promotions. Damien and his team have always come to the table with fresh ideas, seeing each project through from conceptualisation to results analysis. We highly recommend with We Build Ideas!

Kenji Kojima, Marketing Manager, Billabong Japan

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