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It’s all about you.

Our Approach Starts and Ends with You

The WE is about US – working together to build your ideas and online success.

we build your ideas approach

Tell us your story. Share your ideas, your goals and your challenges with us.

Let’s work together in building a website that captures and converts more qualified leads into your business.

Here’s How It Works.

Discovery & Planning


We take the time to get to know you and your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Based on our conversations and market research, we create strategies that will deliver a clear roadmap to ongoing success online.

  • Discovery & strategy session

  • Market research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword research


Based on our research, we’ll build a sitemap to visualise the best way to communicate your information. From there we will create an interactive prototype on our server which you can visit in your browser to demonstrate how our solution will work. It’s at this stage we will meet to plan the content of your website. After that, the fun begins as we begin the design and bring the prototype to life by matching it with your brand identity.

  • Sitemap

  • Prototype

  • Content planning
  • Design



At this point in the process, we go underground for a couple of weeks as we set up your CMS and develop the site with all its inner workings. We also add the content we have received from you and optimise it for best on-page SEO results. We then test, and test again to make sure everything is humming along and ready for launch!

  • CMS set up
  • Site development

  • Content added
  • On page SEO optimisation
  • Website testing


Boom! Launch time! The best part of the whole process. We take your development site and move it across to your server and send it live for the world to see. You get to show off your awesome new website and enjoy hearing all the great reviews from colleges, family and friends. Once live, we will schedule a training session so you can learn how to update your new site to keep the content fresh.

Get Started with We Build Ideas Today!

To kick things off, let’s have a chat about your business, your ideas, your goals and how we can help you gain visibility online to drive a boost in leads and sales.

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