The Wave of a Lifetime Case Study

We are honoured to launch The Wave of a Lifetime recently. The new online portal is for the professional surfer, Dean 'Dingo' Morrison. It offers a surfing experience like no other, with one-on-one coaching, digital coaching, online tutorials and more!
The Wave of a Lifetime Case Study

On launch, the website was featured on our local Gold Coast Channel 7 news. We could not be prouder on how the project turned out, and we are super stoked to have a website featured on the TV – a first for us.

See the clip below:

The Brief

Dean came to We Build Ideas to redesign his current website. The original brief included rebuilding his current online booking system. As the project evolved, we were enlisted to create a new brand for the business. The project also grew to include a digital coaching platform which would consist of some of the world’s best surfers. Tours were also added and a library of tutorials that were only available to paid subscription members. The member portal included a unique user page, which holds unique content to each user; One-on-one session tutorials videos, raw surf footage clips, digital coaching clips, and upcoming surf session information. Finally, the ability to allow users to easily save favourite tutorials from the library and access them from their portal.

Our Approach

This web design required a lot of planning to ensure the user experience was simple yet dynamic. The website combines eCommerce, online booking, membership area, a subscription service, and unique custom coding to create the user pages. These are generally not combined and usually kept to separate sites. After researching the best possible platform to host the membership & subscription service, we went with Paid Membership Pro. A decision we are pleased with, and we highly recommend them for any membership build. A custom-built admin was also created to make updating the website as simple as possible. With diverse content and various areas to keep updated, an easy-to-use admin was vital for long-term success. Creating unique user page admins to allow one-on-one communications with users was also built out.

The Result

For us, this project was challenging but equally rewarding. The new brand is simple yet memorable. The acronym logo, WOAL, was created to make team stickers and social branding. The website itself has had raving reviews, and we are super proud of how it turned out – especially the unique user page – as seen below.

Going forward, there are more areas to come on the site, and we are excited to be part of The Wave of a Lifetime Journey.

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