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Introducing the We Build Ideas digital marketing dashboard

Posted in Marketing | Posted on: 25 July, 2017
We Build Ideas Digital Marketing Dashboard

Take control of your business’s marketing efforts

At We Build Ideas, we pride ourselves on giving to our clients a robust framework to help reach their KPIs.

Along the journey of online success, we ensure total transparency on how your keywords are ranking, what users are looking for and ultimately provide a structure to grow their brand and streamline marketing strategies.

To deliver that clarity, we offer a Digital Marketing Dashboard.

With a simple to use user interface, this dashboard draws in all of your data from your social networks, Google Analytics and Google Webmasters, through to paid advertising, email integration and call rail, just to name a few.

All this presents a real-time platform that demonstrates what is working, and where more attention is needed.

On top of the real-time data, reports that can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly or any custom time frame you need.

The dashboard is completely customisable, which allows it to scale to the growth of your brand or business.

  • The Dashboard

We Build Ideas Marketing Dashboard Overview

Here is the dashboard at its highest level of overview. As you can see, it is super simple to navigate, with quick bites size pieces of data at your finger tips.

You have the capability to change the period to focus the high-level data based on a specific activation you may have in place. Also, clicking on any of the widgets will display a more comprehensive report.

Widgets are added according to your brand or business’s online presence. Does your business have a = Facebook page? Add it in! Not using Google Adwords campaigns? No need for jumble it up – just do not add it in! Easy. You can even drag the modules around in order of preference. It is all up to you.

On this dashboard example, you can see all the widgets we will be covering in this blog and a sneak peak at the others covered in the next blog.

  • Keyword Ranking

We Build Ideas Marketing Dashboard Keywords

Do you have five keywords? Would you like to track 132 keywords? You have total freedom to add up to 500 keywords (which is a lot) of your choice. The rankings are updated daily and can be viewed 24/7.

If you would like to truly get into the nuts and bolts of your SEO efforts, you can also add sections like:

• Google ranking
• Bing ranking
• Google ranking change – based on your chosen period
• Bing ranking change – the same as Google
• Google Url – Which page is ranking for that keyword
• Bing Url – the same as Google
• Search Volume – the number of searches for that keyword per month
+ more!

  • Google Search Console
Google Search Console

Most people find Google Webmasters overwhelming. However, there is so much valuable information provided by Google that you should be tapping into it. That is why adding Google Search Console to your dashboard will simplify the experience. On the We Build Ideas dashboard, you will find:

• Impressions – the amount of times your keywords have appeared in the SERPs (search results).
• Clicks – how many times your ranking pages have been clicked in the SERPs
• CTR – Also known as Click through rate. A percentage of how many impressions divided by the number of clicks.
• Top pages – which URL on your site are pushing the most amount of organic traffic to your website.

It also provides an easy way to find more keyword opportunities as you find keywords that you are not targeting are producing clicks through to your website – awesome!

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics Marketing Dashboard

Like Google Webmasters, Google Analytics is a place where information overload takes place. Again, lots of super valuable information and content, but it can be hard to get your head around.

That is where the simplicity of the We Build Ideas dashboard comes in. All the important data is there, but in an easy to a navigate digital marketing dashboard. Like Google Analytics, you can track all the essential take away’s like:

• Sessions and unique users
• Traffic sources
• Page views + more!

  • Website Audit
Website Audit

The We Build Ideas digital marketing dashboard also delivers a handy website audit to give you complete command of your onsite SEO efforts.

As you may already know, there are two parts to SEO success. On-site and off-site search engine optimization.

With the audit, you have total clarity as to what needs work to ensure those crawl bots find no flaws to demerit your website.

Audits can be scheduled monthly, but if you were to make any changes, you could run a manual audit to ensure everything is in place after any changes.

Interested? Get started today!

Get started today – $19.95 a month.

If you have any questions, send us an email or give us a call. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Next time we will dig into the Social Media, paid Ads and email integrations in part II of the introduction to the We Build Ideas digital marketing dashboard.

Until then, happy marketing!

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